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Every collaboration has a different starting point.

We don’t rely on one framework. We have many to choose from. We work with our clients to determine what will work best under their circumstances. Vertical Plane uses a multi-disciplinary approach to inform and support:

discovery_icon Discovery
We partner with leaders and teams at or near the beginning of a new opportunity. We guide discussions toward generating a clear purpose and ambitious outcomes. We also facilitate the formation of processes that ensure accountability and commitment all the way to the finish line.

Our Expertise: Human-Centered Systems; Information Systems; Programs; Processes; Internal Communications; External Communications; Strategic Communications; Marketing; Advertising

excellence_icon Continuing Excellence
We collaborate with teams that know there is a path that can take them to the next level, but are unsure where that path begins and what to do when they get there. They may also find themselves feeling stuck and in need of experimentation or a creative intervention, which is when we come in and inform the process.

Our Expertise: Project Management; Full-Stack Development; Thought Partnership; Facilitation; Evaluation

transitions_icon Transitions
Transitions can be difficult. In our experience, we have seen too few take the time and care to ensure everything is done right. We partner with founders and senior leaders to help them navigate this territory and come out of the experience ready for what lies ahead.

Our Expertise: Change Management; Thought Partnership; Facilitation; Evaluation